Ganpati Foundation Charitable Trust is a non government entity founded on 9th June 2011 with reg. which got registered in Meerutwith head office at Pallavpuram Phase I Meerut, which is having  a thought of "Evolving Humanity By serving Humanity" with a mission of making “self dependant individuals” & working for the betterment and upliftment of the society via various philanthropic activities towards incompetent community of the society. Mentioned below are the various list of activities in which Ganpati foundation is occupied :-

1.  Aiming for  “Education To All” Programme Phase I- completed

(Only  way to diminish all social problems)

2.  Joint Venture of Old Age home & orphanage “ Project – V-Home”.   In Progress

(Lonely experienced elders caring  &   Carving the  children without any family)

3.  Awareness Campaigns

a. Health Awareness

(No one is born to die without  destiny choice)


b. Organ Donation Awareness

(Your  lovable can even live after  their demise)


c. Social responsibility awareness

(Every individual’s step is going to make a  global change)


d. Indian Cultural & moral Values programmes

(Revoking the best culture in world)

4.  Blood Donation Campaigns

(Donate life)

5.  Food/Cloth Distribution Campaigns

(Full filing basic need of survival to incapable by destiny)

6.  Helping in Swatch Bharat Abhyan

(A helping hand in honour of Nation)

7.  Skill Development training

 (Self Dependent  society)

8.  Financial Assistance to needy to rehabilitate as entrepreneur for livelihood-            As per applications received

(Providing livelihood to many via one)



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