Financial Assistance to needy to rehabilitate as entrepreneur for livelihood- As per applications received
(providing livelihood to many via one)

“The Poor” as defined is consistent with the common sociological definition, as someone who lacks a socially accepted amount of material possessions or money.
We define financial assistance as direct distribution of money to the poor, under various state of affairs. Wherein Ganpati Foundation looks forward for such appeals and after understanding the need and the parameters the support is extended to the needy.

Mentioned below are the areas for which Ganpati Foundation invites the applications for financial assistance :-amit

1) Immediate medical emergencies
2) Education necessities – Fees/Stationery etc.
3) Immediate livelihood – Food/Shelter/Clothing
4) Immediate basic requirement for elderly people – Wheelchair/ Hearing aids/ spectacles etc.

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Financial Assistance.
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