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Joint Venture of Old Age home & orphanage “ Project – V-Home”. Still Need generous Donors.........In Progress
(Lonely experienced elders caring& Carving the children without any family)

Instead of old age homes and orphanages in separate facilities, Ganpati Foundation will initiate combination of both that should be built, we call it project V-Home .

There are many old age homes, where many elderly who are well educated and not very sick are living deprived of love and alone. At the same time, there are many orphanages where children don’t interact with, or receive love from, elders. Ganpati Foundation can build homes where elderly people and children can live as small families, take care of one other and be loved.

Connecting the Old Age Homes/Orphanages to the Society Spurting life expectancy and plummeting social ethos: Each one of us is caught up in chasing our dreams and goals, but is least bothered about someone who needs our help next door. Life expectancy is steadily increasing, also the woes of the elderly ones who have been left out in the old-age homes by their ‘near and dear ones’ for obvious reasons. They deserve to live with dignity, and above all, want to secure themselves. Unfortunately, insecurity, loneliness and want of companionship have become a daily reality for the elderly persons. Loosely coupled members of the society: On the contrary, orphanages for children and old-age home for elders are run as independent entities. Sadly, elders and children in these homes are forgotten these days and kept away from the mainstream life. V-Home endeavours to bring them together in nurturing context in which elders can share their experience and knowledge and the children can spread their love and joy to elders. Importance of inclusiveness: V-Home intends to share a social networking space and to provide opportunity for them to live in a community, where they can experience the joy of connecting with other people, helping each other out and experiencing first hand, how world becomes a better place when we start living, loving, caring, sharing and looking out for each other. Everyone counts: V-Home is an initiative for seamless and sustainable community building, not based on any particular philosophy or faith or ideology. We provide a common platform for all in the community, without favour or nepotism, to share their wisdom and strengths.

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Project – V-Home.
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