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Despite the emphatic stress laid on education and training in this country, there is still a shortage of skilled manpower to address the mounting needs and demands of the economy.

As a necessity that has arisen from the current scenario, the Ganpati Foundation is dedicatedly striving to initiate and achieve formal/informal skill development of the working population via education/vocational education/skill training and other upcoming learning methods.
The skill development of the working population is a priority for Ganpati Foundation. This is evident by the exceptional progress India has witnessed under the National Policy on Skills (2009) over the years.

The objective of the policy is to expand on outreach, equity and access of education and training, which it has aimed to fulfill by establishing industrial training institutes (ITIs), vocational schools, technical schools, and professional colleges to facilitate adult leaning, apprenticeships, sector-specific skill development, e-learning, training for self employment and other forms of training.

Ganpati Foundaion therefore provides holistic sustenance through all its initiatives in the form of necessary financial support, infrastructure support and policy support.

India has the advantage of the “demographic dividend” (younger population compared to the ageing population of developed countries), which can be cultivated to build a skilled workforce in the near future.


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